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The former vice-governor settled in “Ust-Luga”


Alexander Yakovlev was appointed First Deputy General Director for Economy, Finance and Investment of JSC “Company Ust-Luga”, the company reported.
The new appointment completed the process of management team formation, commented the CEO of “Ust-Luga” Maxim Shirokov.

According to the new organizational chart of the company, the general director has two first deputies. Sergei Vishnyakov is responsible for the obligations fulfillment towards investors, for the project of building of the MPK “Yug-2”, and for coordinating works with the subsidiaries and associates of the company; and Alexander Yakovlev will be responsible for financial and investment units in his new position.

In summer 2009, Alexander Yakovlev was dismissed from the post of vice-governor of the Leningrad region after the scandalous story of 1.8 billion of budget loss. Those funds were placed on deposit of INKASBANK which had problems with liquidity, and then began bankruptcy proceedings. The governor Valery Serdyukov firstly dismissed Alexander Yakovlev from the office with a mandate to return the money, and then released him completely.

Alexander Yakovlev told dp.ru that afterwards he worked as chairman of the board of directors Russkobanka and received plenty of job proposals.
“Ust-Luga” made such a proposal. In his new position Alexander Yakovlev will focus on attracting investments for development of the company. The former vice-governor will be working with the regional assets again: the Leningrad region owns blocking shares of “Ust-Luga”.

Alexander Yakovlev might have new career prospects at the post. As previously reported by "DP", Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Ust-Luga” Valery Izraylit is considered to be one of the candidates for a senator post from the Legislative Assembly of Leningrad. \

Source: www.dp.ru on 09/03/2010

In March 2009 the Investigation department of ICP in St. Petersburg opened a criminal case under article 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud) on the fact of non-repayment of 1.8 billion rubles from the INKASBANK to the Leningrad region budget. While occupying the post of Vice-governor, Alexander Yakovlev had not been involved directly. However in connection with that financial "loss" the head of the region Valery Serdyukov initially suspended the head of the Committee of Finance Yakovlev from the office, and then fired him.

A financial scandal erupted after it became known that one of the commercial banks - INKASBANK (part of group VEFC) – the Leningrad region "lost" about $ 1 billion 800 million rubles. Inkasbank ceased to pay funds placed on its deposits because of financial problems. Eventually the bank was unable to timely fulfill its obligations to customers, and on February 18 the Central Bank revoked its license. As for Yakovlev, he took to a bed in the hospital with a heart attack immediately after the dismissal. Meanwhile, the problem of returning nearly $ 2 billion to the regional treasury became a headache of other officials. Thus, at the October meeting of the Government the Vice-Governor of the Leningrad region Rashid Ismagilov said that Inkasbank would return the debt with land, a building on Vasilevsky Island, and with controlling stake of RUSCOBANK.

Source: www.fontanka.ru on 25/11/2009

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