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Former MP has got another murder


Ex- deputy of State Duma, Mikhail Glushchenko, who is accused of organizing the triple murder of Russian citizens in Cyprus, as well as extortion of $ 10 million, according to Kommersant, at the next interrogation, "admitted involvement in another high-profile crime - the murder of the head of the Baltic Financial and Industrial Group Pavel Kapysh; it was committed in summer 1999. He said that he had organized the crime by alleged order of a reputable businessman Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin).


According to unofficial data, during the next interrogation Mikhail Glushchenko told investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) about the circumstances of murder of General Director of the Baltic Financial and Industrial Group (BFIG) Pavel Kapysh  and asked to sign a pretrial agreement in this case.

as already reported by Kommersant, the crime was carried out in the morning of July 26, 1999. Ambush at Pavel Kapysh , an oil king of the North-West, was arranged in the center of St. Petersburg. As soon as an armored jeep of Mr. Kapysh stopped at a red signal, a few killers, dressed in bulletproof vests and masks, shot a car with a grenade launcher and machine guns. The businessman died from wounds in hospital.

Mr Glushchenko allegedly told investigators that the order to kill him was made by Vladimir Barsukov, who is accused of creating the Tambov organized criminal group, as well as of more than a dozen raider grabs, the attempted murder of the actual owner of the St. Petersburg oil terminal, Sergei Vasiliev, and extortion. Barsukov has been convicted for 14 years in prison for raiding and the legalization of criminal proceeds.

The motive of the murder of Mr Kapysh is considered to be the desire of Vladimir Barsukov, who was one of the leaders of the Petersburg Fuel Company, to purchase the retail network "Balt-Trade" from the CEO of BFIG and thereby to eliminate competition between two companies. However, the head of BFIG refused the offer.

according to unofficial sources, Yuri Kolchin was brought for this case; municipal court of St. Petersburg recognized him a technical organizer of the murder of State Duma deputy Galina Starovoitova and sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment. Ostensibly it was he who committed murder of Mr. Kapysh together with two accomplices.

Lawyer of Mikhail Glushchenko - Yuri Khabarov - refused to comment: The ICR also declined to confirm or deny this information. And the lawyer Sergei Afanasiev, protecting Vladimir Barsukov, failed to clarify the situation. "I can only say that my client has not been filed any new charges, by the moment investigation did not question about the murder of Pavel Kapysh", he said. 

Kommersant № 32 (4573) on 24/02/2011

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