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Evgeny Murov - Head of Federal Protection Service of the Russian Federation


Surname: Murov

Name: Evgeny

Fathername: Alekseevich

Position: Head of Federal Protection Service of the Russian Federation


Born November 18, 1945 in Zvenigorod, Moscow Region. Has higher technical education, later graduated from institute of KGB of the USSR.

Since 1971 worked in state security bodies, since 1974 - in the First central department of KGB (external investigation). For more than three years he was assigned to South East Asia. Since 1992 he headed a number of regional divisions of FSB in St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region, in particular Admiralty regional department of FSB.

According to some mass-media, Murov belonged to a Petersburg commercial-bureaucratic clan "Admiralty", headed by the former assistant to the general director of expocenter "LENEXPO" and the vice-governor of Petersburg Sergey Tarasov, who died in 2009 at “Nevsky Express” train accident.

Evgeny Murov got acquainted with Vladimir Putin in Leningrad department of KGB in the nineties.

Since 1997 Murov held a post of the deputy chief of management of FSB in St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region. Till August, 1998 Victor Cherkesov (from March, 2003 till May, 2008 - head of the State committee of drug control, renamed in July, 2004 in Federal Drug Control Service, FSKN) was the head of department. Some observers noticed that Murov’s merit was in absence of acts of terrorism in St.-Petersburg in 1999 when the wave of large acts of terrorism swept across Russia: in September there were explosions in apartment houses in Buinaksk, in Moscow at Guryanov street and Kashirsky highway, and also in Volgodonsk, Rostov region.

In January-May, 2000 Murov was the first deputy of the chief of Economic Security Department of FSB. Yury Zaostrovtsev held the post of the head of this department (since March, 2004 - the first deputy of the chairman of the board and the councilor of directors of "Vnesheconombank")

On May, 18th, 2000 Vladimir Putin, shortly before he was elected as the president of the Russian Federation, appointed Murov as the director of Federal Protection Agency (FSO). Some sources affirmed that Murov became the head of FSO already in May, 1998.

According to mass-media, Murov was the first one who informed about threat of acts of terrorism by Islamic extremists during G8 in July, 2001 in Genoa. This information, and also scale performances of antiglobalists forced participants of the summit to gather not in the Genoa Ducal palace as it was planned, but on sea cruise liner.

On June, 9th, 2007 mass-media informed that Murov was the only one registered candidate on elections of the head of Russian Boxing Federation (RBF). On June, 27th at extraordinary conference of RBF Murov was elected as its president. His nominee was supported by acting president of Federation Boris Ivanyuzhenkov, former president Edward Khusainov, secretary general Edward Abdulmanov. According to mass-media, conference took place at unprecedented security conditions. All entrances to a building of the Olympic committee of Russia where participants of conference gathered, were surrounded by militia, snipers were on duty on a roof.

Mass-media name the main features of Murov as an infallible memory and extreme rigidity.

Murov is a general, awarded with the state awards. Besides, he is awarded with a number of public awards, including an award «Silver cross» of the 1st degree and the order «For merits for St.-Petersburg». Murov is the winner of Marshal Zhukov state award of the Russian Federation and the National award of Peter the Great.

Evgeny Murov is married, he has son Andrey, general director of Airport "Pulkovo".
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In 2004-2005 in a number of mass-media it was affirmed that during Evgeny Murov’s stay FSO became a trade mark «official supplier of the Kremlin». After that the special service began delivery of this sign in rent to businessmen through a certain Guild of suppliers of the Kremlin. According to journalists, the certificate of the official supplier cost 2.25 million rubles, the usual supplier – 1.5 million. Company RVVK which is producing out vodka "Flagman" became the first commercial structure which used certificate of FSO. Subsequently the overwhelming number of licenses was given out to manufacturers and dealers of alcohol and tobacco. Besides, in mass-media there was the information that FSO as the owner of a trade mark «official supplier of the Kremlin» had exclusive rights to cattle slaughter, embroidery, investigation of oil deposits, cremation, creation of substances for prevention of stocking loops, hire of diving survival suits and uniform, the organization of religious meetings, kindergartens, beauty contests and gambling, hair implantation; can also render the obstetric help and escorts-services as required, translate from a sign language and even to define authenticity of art products.
Source: "Kommersant-Dengi" № 23 from 13.06.2005

In 2004, FSO structures established Fund "Kremlin-9" which was the effective lobbyist capable to solve a problem of the partners in power environment. One of partners was Fund of children and old age protection which those years received two perspective sites in Moscow for building up houses with a total area of more than 40 thousand sq.m. Earlier, these sites were not transferred to anybody, as under them there was a bombproof shelter – strategic object. As a result Fund of assistance to presidential protection, without having paid any ruble and without having given any property, received as a result of its realization the guaranteed percent of apartments.
Source: «Gazeta.ru» from 21.10.2004

In 2004 it was written that Vladimir Putin’s protege, the former governor of Perm region, nowadays the Minister of natural resources of the Russian Federation Yury Trutnev, was engaged in gathering of the compromising information for Evgeny Murov. It was supposed that Murov might know something impartial about the former Perm governor. Journalists assumed that, considering persistence and Trutnev's rancor, Murov should be afraid of him.
Source: www.compromat.ru from 19.03.2004

In April, 2006 Alexey Anichkin which appointment was promoted by the deputy minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of that time Andrey Novikov became the chief of Investigatory committee at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In this connection they remembered history of appointment of Novikov which was helped in due time by Evgeny Murov and the head of security service of the president Victor Zolotov. |Murov’s goal was to appoint Novikov to a post of the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but appointment of Novikov did not happen.
Source: «Novaya Gazeta» № 30-31 from 26.04.2007

In 2006 Evgeny Murov became the initiator of litigation concerning ex-senator Igor Izmestyev, later accused of a series especially grave crimes, among which – the organization of eight murders and attempt at murders. The house of Izmestyev at Rublev-Uspensky highway which was located in 600 meters from presidential residence "Novo-Ogarevo" became an object of proceeding. In 2006 FSO achieved the judgment on a pulling down of the house estimated in 40 million of dollars. Then the court nullified the contract on acquisition of a ground by Izmestyev and building up a house on it as he did not approved construction with FSO. Murov explained his interest in Izmestyev’s case that in the evenings the ex-senator set off fireworks at the house territory and disturbed the president of the Russian Federation. Izmestyev had another position at a situation: he considered that his refusal to sell the house for nothing to FSO became an occasion to giving of the judicial claim. As Izmestyev confirmed, exactly this refusal led to his arrest in January, 2007, and all the charges in his especially grave crimes – the occasion decided by structures of FSO.
Source: "Kommersant" № 126 (3943) from 22.07.2008

In 2007 press wrote that FSO provides Dmitry Medvedev's informal meetings with the chief of Economic Security Service of FSB Alexander Bortnikov who at that time began to communicate often enough. Assumptions were come out that FSO operates only within the limits of protection of the first vice-premier, without supporting his political priorities.
Source: «Novaya Gazeta» № 30-31 from 26.04.2007

In 2007 Evgeny Murov entered the conflict to the head of the Ministry of Agriculture Alexey Gordeyev. The conflict history is like that: FSO in connection with forthcoming reconstruction of the fourteenth case of the Kremlin should change the office. The building of OAO "Agropribor" located in Skakovaya street in Moscow foolowed all conditions. The decision on transfer to the property of the Russian Federation of the unused area of a building of 4377 sq. m. and eight houses of 2149 sq.m. was accepted in October 2007, but General Director of scientific research institute "Agropribor" Yury Yunaev, having learned about preparing transfer of the property, sold a part of premises. Thus Yunaev named actions of Evgeny Murov and its colleagues as attempt of raid capture. Realization of the state real estate was spent illegally, check materials were directed to Department of Economic Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, and the central office of Rosimushchestvo was offered to apply to the court with the requirement to return illegally aloof property to the state. The Minister of Agriculture Gordeyev stood up for Yunaev then, having gone thus on the conflict to Murov, and the Arbitration court of Moscow three times refused claim requirements of Rosimushchestvo acting in interests of the state and FSO. Evgeny Murov then publicly named actions of heads and employees of Rosimushchestvo as nonprofessional, as they did not manage to protect state interests.
Source: www.vslux.ru from 14.11.2008

Evgeny Murov in due time supported Academy of safety, defense and the law and order (ABOP) while the State Office of Public Prosecutor brought an attention to the question on liquidation of this organisation which was carrying out not quite lawful activity. ABOP was engaged in making the state awards, certificates and the form of the higher officers in 67 regions of Russia. The State Office of Public Prosecutor declared that academy, being public organisation, showed itself as state one, using symbols and attributes of the state power. Besides, according to Office of Public Prosecutor, ABOP established illegally tens kinds of awards identical to state ones, on behalf of academy special ranks were appropriated, and employees of ABOP were given service certificates similar to certificates of the state sample. According to the State Office of Public Prosecutor, it creates conditions for corruption cases and discredits the government. The president of Academy Victor Shevchenko, despite attacks of Office of Public Prosecutor, felt quite confidently as received complete support in power structures, from Security Council and FSB to the Minister of Defense. Among authors of letters in support of academy there was deputy head of frontier services of FSB Vladimir Rozhkov, the deputy chief of Academy of FSB Valery Andreev and Evgeny Murov
Source: «Novaya Gazeta» from 10/9/2008

In December, 2008 the talks started about conflict of FSO and Administrative offices of the president. The building on Red Square became an occasion to the conflict. Then the project of the head of department of Presidential affairs Vladimir Kozhin on hotel building on Red Square in cost of 360 million dollars was under the threat of failure because of claims for a building from Evgeny Murov. In case the building passed to Murov the state should compensate expenses at a rate of 150 million dollars to "OPK Development", developer division of Incorporated industrial corporation (OPK), supervised by the senator from Tuva and owner of Mezhprombank Sergey Pugachev. The Administrative office of the president of the Russian Federation together with "OPK Development" since 2004 realized the investment contract on the basis of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "FC Kremlin». Conflict of FSO and Administrative office of the President for this building occurred not for the first time: in 2005 Evgeny Murov sent the letter to the president of the Russian Federation of that time Vladimir Putin with the request for transfer of this building to FSO, but, despite the positive resolution of the President, a building then remains in using by Administrative office of the President.
Source: "Kommersant" № 224 (4041) from 12/9/2008

In 2008 mass media wrote that Evgeny Murov together with the head of presidential security service Victor Zolotov and the head of Drug Control Service Victor Cherkesov were carrying out the special action aimed to displace director of FSB Nikolay Patrushev from a post. They wrote that all of them operate, most likely, in Dmitry Medvedev's interests who on the threshold of presidential election of 2008 needs the right person at the head of FSB. Thereupon in the summer of 2006 Evgeny Murov together with the allies Victor Cherkesov and Victor Zolotov achieved resignation of public prosecutor Vladimir Ustinov and his team. Then at the suggestion of Murov and his colleagues some generals were dismissed – the case was one of the biggest in the State Office of Public Prosecutor, it concerned the huge channel of delivery of the Chinese contraband through the Far East. The criminal group was headed by the councilor of Federation Igor Ivanov and the deputy of regional parliament Gennady Lysak, and covered by tens corrupted employees of special services — the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, FCS.
Source: www.vslux.ru from 11/14/2008, «Moskovsky Komsomolets» from 3/31/2009, www.newtimes.ru

On one of Internet sites there is an information that Evgeny Murov operated in due time not against Nikolay Patrushev, but, on the contrary, together with him against Victor Zolotov and Victor Cherkesov.
Source: www.peoples.ru

In January, 2009 in a press there was an information that Evgeny Murov had a rest on the French resort of Courchavel together the president of Olympic committee of Russia Leonid Tyagachev, with head of department of Presidential affairs Vladimir Kozhin and the ex-Minister of Finance of Moscow Region Alexey Kuznetsov who was in the international wanted lists. They wrote that in the program of officials there were such events, as stay in room for 40 thousand euro and rest in the elite mountain chalet rented for 80 thousand euro per day.
Source: www.ruspress.ru from 2/10/2009

In a press it was written that Evgeny Murov spends large means for supplement of FSO. In particular, major repairs of object of FSO on Valdai cost 11 million 500 thousand of state budgetary roubles. Recently his department bought Mercedes-Benz S 600 L with special body protection for 27 million roubles. For last three years for purchase of spare parts for "Mercedes" of FSO from the state treasury it was spent 60 million 500 thousand roubles. And in 2009 for repair of "Audi" from the state budget it was spent 4 million roubles more. In 2008 FSO bought on Izhevsk factory 10 award Yarygin's pistols decorated with symbolic of FSO the pistols, for the sum of 1 million 200 thousand roubles. Besides, the management of presidential security bought fowling pieces Benelli M2 and Beretta DT10, and also carbine Blaser R93 Standart with optical sight Zeiss. Guns cost 208 thousand and 213 thousand roubles accordingly, a carbine – 188 thousand roubles.
Source: «Novaya Gazeta» from 4/30/2010

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