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Drilling for one’s own - 2


Minority shareholder of Vneshtorgbank Alex Navalny told about stealing money in VTB in a framework of the drilling rigs affair in his own online magazine. According to Navalny, an operative employee of Directorate for Combating Economic Crimes - Melekhin (he had conducted the audit) made a ruling to dismiss a criminal case as much as 13-sheets. Navalny claims that on the basis of the material it becomes clear - an order to institute criminal proceedings had been prepared, and it was due to the activity aimed at "closing the issue" it had turned into an order to dismiss the criminal case at the last moment. According to Navalny, someone in uniform had become much richer then.

Then Navalny wrote:

We accuse the VTB as they purchased 30 drilling rigs at the price of $ 15 million a piece (through a Cypriot entity) while its real price is a maximum of $ 10 million. Thus $ 150 million was stolen. During the inspection they revealed the following:

1. The Bank VTB management was fully aware of the details of the transaction. The transaction was approved by the bank. The Bank was directly involved in the creation of this scheme. The bank knew that the Cyprus intermediary was created for the sole transaction. The Bank does not deny that the Cypriot intermediary possessed nothing and bought the installations for VTB money in order to sell them back to VTB, but 50% more expensive.

"The original decision to approve a major transaction between VTB-Leasing, Clusseter Limited, and LLC Well Drilling Corporation on acquisition of the drilling equipment and on the further lease, as well as on lending by the bank of the transaction was made by the management of the bank; the decision № 27 was signed by a representative of the sole shareholder - Vice-Chairman of the Board of OAO “Bank VTB” Zavyalov I.N. Subsequently Osmolovsky V.E. signed only № 27 / 1, amending the decision № 27 [...] the Lessee Company ZAO GRK "Northern Expedition" was proposed to develop another plan of purchase of the equipment. Considering this information the Company GRK "Northern Expedition" in the person of Livshits U.Y. developed a scheme whereby the company Clusseter Limited was founded, to which the company VTB-Leasing issued a transferable letter of credit in U.S. dollars. In turn Clusseter Limited used the credit to perform mutual settlements with the equipment manufacturer Sichuan Honghua Petroleum Equipment Co. LTD. The purchased equipment was planned to be leased by OOO “Well Drilling Corporation”. In addition, a group of companies "Northern Expedition" suggested transmitting the acquired equipment for lease to the controlled firm OOO "Well Drilling Corporation”, in order to sublease out to the Company GRK "Northern Expedition" and to optimize the potential production and financial risks"

2. VTB Bank and its officials were aware of the price difference. The manufacturer’s price was $ 10 million; the intermediary’s one - $ 15 million. The difference is explained as follows: The Chinese provided just installations, and an intermediary provided installations + transportation + installation supervision + training. And it is certainly the main ambush for VTB people.

" In July 2007 in the building of VTB-Leasing Clusseter Limited signed a contract with Honghua, and a foreign trade contract No.161/01-07 - with OAO “VTB-Leasing”, OOO “Well Drilling Corporation” on supply of 30 rigs ZJ50DBS; it was acting under power of attorney received from Shamlikashvili V.A. (Board Member, LLC Well Drilling Corporation"). By the words of Popov V.I., he just signed the contracts, and he did not conduct any financial-economic activities on behalf of Clusseter Limited at all. In addition, Popov V.I. explained that the signed contract with Honghua provided the purchase price of around 10.000.000 U.S. dollars for one rig ZJ50DBS, not including the cost of shipping, loading operations, transportation, construction, installation and startup of equipment. The contract concluded between Clusseter Limited, Well Drilling Corporation and VTB-Leasing provided the cost of one rig ZJ50DBS at 15.233.000 U.S. dollars, which included the cost of delivering cargo to the destination (station Purpe YANAO RF) by the international terms of DDU, installation supervision in Russia, training, and testing”.

That is, they claim that delivery by terms of DDU, installation supervision; testing and training were worth of $ 5.2 million per installation. I assure you, they cost 5 times cheaper. In addition, we keep in mind that only 3-5 out of 30 installations are actually running.

3. And the last fundamental point is: According to these documents it is not clear yet where is the proof of the direct link between the top management of the bank VTB and the people who carried out the business? The operative Melekhin has almost found them. He mentioned some names that were unknown to me. But I can use by Google, unlike him.

Here is the Board of Directors of one of the intermediary firms:

" A copy of the meeting minutes of the participants in OOO ”Well Drilling Corporation" dated 20/07/2010, whereof follows:

- The quantitative composition of the community is 7 people

- The following members of the Board of Directors have been elected: Shamlikashvili V.A., Boterashvili S.D., Livshits U.Y. (Chairman of the Board of Directors of ZAO GRK "Northern Expedition"), Popov V.I. (Representative of "Clusseter Limited"), Nistratova A.V., Sioni A.A., Nurminski V.L.;

- A conclusion of the major transactions has been approved, namely: OAO "VTB-Leasing" and "Clusseter Limited" sales contract on drilling equipment, the sales contract on drilling tools with VTB-Leasing and OOO" Well Drilling Corporation” together with the third party; the contract on sales of car kits of residential homes/ model "Kedr" between OAO "VTB-Leasing", ZAO "IzhDrilNordEks-HuanHua”, and OOO “Well Drilling Corporation”; as well as lease contracts on drilling equipment, drilling tool kit, a set of residential cars -house model "Kedr" with "VTB-Leasing.

In addition, we can see that the link between the Cyprus mediator and VTB was carried out by someone named Popov, who had obtained a power of attorney from a citizen Shamlikashvili. The way he had got that power of attorney is another anecdote:

"According to Boterashvili S.D., Shamlikashvili V.A. was on holiday in Cyprus in June-July 2007, there they met the representatives of Clusseter Limited and received a warrant in the name of Popov V.I. with the right to sign the aforementioned contract. Upon her arrival in Russia Shamlikashvili V.A. gave power of attorney to Popov V.I."

The question is: how often has it happened so that you are on Cyprus on holiday, and some people come to you and hand you a power of attorney for an operation at the price of half a billion dollars? Nothing like this has ever happened to me. But it has happened with Shamlikashvili. Therefore we should search the Internet for this fortunate citizen.

After three seconds we have learnt that:

- Boterashvili and Shamlikashvili are spouses;

- for some reason Boterashvili is called a "reputable businessman»;

- Shamlikashvili used to work in VTB-Development (which incidentally is headed by the governor’s son Sergei Matvienko).

- Boterashvili is the first adviser to OAO “Bank VTB”. And we understand quite well that being in this position he has an ability to communicate with the command of VTB, including member of the Supreme Council of United Russia, Chairman of the Board of OAO “Bank VTB” Andrey Kostin.

That is we have got the blunt facts at hand: the communication between the unknown citizens (who earned 150 million U.S. dollars on the deal) and the Bank VTB was carried by Advisor to the Head of VTB Bank. What a curious coincidence ... chances are that the head of VTB had nothing to do with it...

This is it. And let us remember that we have got a trump card - the installations; one can not hidden them.

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Source: Journal of Alexei Navalny, 23/03/2010

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