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Detection of the businessman came to Nice


French media reported that the head of the OMG Group, Vitaly Arkhangelsky, who was arrested by the French court at the request of Russian authorities in mid-November in connection with his prosecution in Russia with fraud, will be released on bail of ? 300 thousand. The large portion of the amount, according to French journalists, has been already collected by relatives of the arrested person. All phones of the businessman were turned off during the day, and his Russian lawyer was unable to confirm information about the arrest of his client.

As the agency France Press reported, Vitaly Arkhangelsky was arrested in Nice in mid-November at the request of Russian authorities, and now it decided to release him on bail of ? 300 thousand, and the businessman's family is left to collect another ? 27 thousand.

In July it became known that on the initiative of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region the head of the OMG group has been put on the international wanted list in the frame of investigation of a fraud with credit. Then the businessman said that this is another attempt of his main lender - Saint Petersburg Bank (the Group owes it 4 billion rubles), as well as of security officials to takeover his business.

According to French journalists, Vitaly Arkhangelsky will be under strict judicial control after his release: he will hand in his passport to the French authorities and will not be able to leave Nice. Mobile phone of Mr.Arkhangelsky was off yesterday, and his Russian lawyer Mikhail Nazarov declined to confirm details of his arrest and release on bail. "Neither I, nor the Russian investigation have no information confirming the arrest of my client, while I can not contact them", Mikhail Nazarov said. According to him, the businessman had a business trip scheduled, after which on November, 26 he promised to get in touch.

Let us recall that confrontation of OMG Group (the biggest operator in the field of maritime transport) and its main creditor, Bank Saint-Petersburg, began in 2009. In 2008, the Bank granted the group a loan amounting to 3 billion rubles for a period of one year. At the end of that year, both sides signed a memorandum on the extension of credit. Under the terms of the memorandum, in the case of extension of credit OMG had to introduce additional security deal. Guarantors of the deal were OOO “West Terminal” (one of the main assets of the port complex of the company) and "Insurance company "Scandinavia” which are the part of OMG. But the extension was not followed. In spring 2009, OMG totally ceased to serve the credit by the St. Petersburg Bank. In June 2009, general director in the "West Terminal" and the insurance company "Scandinavia" were replaced, and in July 2009, police raided the head office of OMG. Bank Saint Petersburg "attained the arrest for the debts of the three ships of the Group in Estonia, France and Britain. Later Arbitration Court granted the petition of "Oslo Marine" about ownership of the "West Terminal" and reinstated Denis Vinarskaya as general director (Kommersant reported this on April, 6). In May 2010, a French court auctioned cargo ship «OMG Gatchina", then a similar decision was taken by a British court in respect of cargo ship «OMG Kolpino”, and now is preparing for the sale of the ship «OMG Tosno”.

Source: Z-Online, 25.11.2010

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