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Ded Hasan made a bid to nephews


One of the most influential "thieves in law", Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan) decided to completely change their immediate environment after his life had been attempted. According to Rosbalt, he instructed the nephews, «thieves in law" -Yuri Usoyan (Jura Lazarovsky) and Dimitri Chanturia (Miron) - to manage his criminal empire; later they should become the successors of Ded Hasan. Aslan Usoyan now lives in a cottage in the suburb of Moscow under the protection of a dozen armed men.

According to a law enforcement source of Rosbalt, they found out under the criminal investigation of attempted murder of Aslan Usoyan committed on September, 16 in Moscow, that the sniper who had shot the "kingpin" had an accomplice. He was notifying the killer on the phone of all the movements of Ded Hasan, who also reported when the "lawyer" approached the entrance of his house on Tverskaya Street.

Sniper stayed in an apartment of the opposite building, he did not fire directly out of the window, as they previously assumed. In order to avoid being noticed by passers-by, the attacker had taken a position on the stepladder, located in the back of the room. After having fired a few bullets into the "kingpin" and his security guard, the sniper put a gun on a stool, took off his glove and left the building.

Ded Hasan had got an exit wound in the stomach, but quickly started recovering. As the agency’s source said, immediately after Usoyan had been transferred from intensive care to a general ward in Botkinskaya Hospital, he left the medical facility as he was going to continue treatment at home.

The "thief in law" immediately went to one of the suburban houses, where he is staying by the moment. There he is guarded by a dozen of armed men. Usoyan does not go outside the mansion, preferring to communicate with colleagues in the criminal guild by telephone. Only a few confidents including such "thief in law" as Eduard Asatryan named Edik Osetrina and relatives have direct access to him. Moreover, according to investigators, Ded Hasan intends to rely on the latter ones in the future.

He has also repeatedly called up with "legalist" Lasha Shushanashvili living in Greece, whom Ded Hasan had tasked to manage a number of his overseas projects when being in the hospital. However, according to the agency source, Usoyan has grown cold towards Lasha; he made two of the nephews - "thieves in law" Yuri Usoyan and Dmitri Chanturia his new successors. Yura Lazarovsky will be in charge of his uncle's empire in Krasnodarsky region. And Miron moved from Yaroslavsky Region to Moscow, and participates in all negotiations, in which Aslan Usoyan can not be present because of the injury. Meanwhile, the nephews of Ded Hasan are assisted by his closest confidant, Edik Osetrina. However, according to investigators, the eminent "kingpin" wants them to take his place at the head of the criminal world later on.

As Rosbalt was told in law enforcement office, Yuri Usoyan and Dmitry Chanutriya are quite young "thieves in law" (Miron this summer will be only 29 years old). Yura Lazarovsky has long lived in Krasnodarsky region and is a significant figure in the local criminal community. Dmitry Chanutria was appointed "an alpha dog" at the Yaroslavsky region by Usoyan about five years ago, from where moved to the capital after the attack.

In 2004, Yuri Usoyan and Miron were detained on their way from Yaroslavl to Moscow by operatives of the capital. Lazarovsky was released after a prophylactic conversation - nothing criminal was found with him. Chanturia gave the police officers a fake passport in someone else's name. In 2005 he was convicted under Article 327 of the Criminal Code (creation of false documents), but he did not stay long in detention. "These young "legalists" have a weight in the criminal circles, they are extremely loyal to Usoyan, of course, and Ded Hasan is seeing them as his successors", one of the operatives said to the agency.

As for the reasons for the attempt, according to Rosbalt, Ded Hasan himself has not defined them yet. He has enough of enemies both among "thieves in law" and businessmen, and even among the government officials. It is known that shortly before the attack Aslan Usoyan had had a rather unpleasant conversation about the construction of roads for the upcoming Olympic Games in Sochi. Those works in the region are served by the companies, controlled by Ded Hasan, but many people in Moscow cannot agree on such a situation.

However, according to the agency source, Usoyan called "lawyer" Merab Dzhangveladze guilty of the attempt, he is a longtime associate of his opponent, Tariel Oniani."Usoyan’s clan has felt that this person is potentially dangerous; in fact, he has been carried out a death sentence - the agency interlocutor said. Moreover, the brother of Merab, Levon has a team of professional killers, some of whom are former employees of the Georgian special services. They could have taken part in the assassination. "

Source: IA Rosbalt on 29/10/2010

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