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Credit brood of Herman Gref


On December, 26 the Supervisory Board of the Savings Bank approved the issuance of a housing loan of $ 3 million to the member of the Board Denis Bugrov, as it is said in the minutes of the meeting of the bank’s Supervisory Board (cited in "Vedomosti"). Then the Savings Bank had a moratorium on issuance of credits in foreign currency.

The credit for an apartment in a newly built house in the center of Moscow has been confirmed tor 24,5 years on bail of his wife Ilona Bugrova and on bail of three land plots with total area of 7097 sq. m in the Mytishchi district of the Moscow region.

Interest during the construction phase will be 11.25% per annum and as far as the loan is disbursed, the interest rate will be reduced to 10.25%. After registration of apartments in the property and transfer it to the bank deposit rate will fall to 9.75-8.75%.

First payment on the loan is not less than 20%, i.e., the apartment acquired by Bugrov costs at least $ 3.75 million.

"Credit was given to me on the common basis and on terms identical to the terms of loans to bank employees at the time of the decision on lending. This applies to rates, time table, currency, down payment, amount, requirements for documents, and so on. Alternate is impossible by legal requirements, since I am a member of the Board of the Bank", - commented Bugrov and refused any further commenting.

Savings Bank returned the possibility to borrow foreign currency loans to its employees in December 2009 - slightly earlier than to other customers (this was back in January,15), the bank said. For employees of the Savings Bank rate is slightly lower than for other clients, the rest of the loan conditions are the same.

The rate on loans to employees of the Savings Bank, especially during the construction phase, is significantly lower than the market one, says CEO of broker "Mortgage Credit Alliance” Vladimir Talaver: now the cheapest loans for new buildings start with a rate of 15% during construction and 10-10,5% at registration of property.

Subject to the annuity payment loan of $ 3 million initial payment will cost the borrower $ 30 078 per month, while for differentiated payments (the Savings Bank has both ways) - $ 37 918 per month ($ 10 169 – a debt body, plus $ 27 749 –an interest).

A top-manager of the Savings Bank can afford it. According to the report for the IV quarter of 2009, the remuneration of a member of the board of the bank in 2009 (including bonuses) averaged 32.6 million rubles, or 2.7 million rubles per month.

In 2006 the deputy chairman of Sberbank Alexander Zakharov borrowed 67.5 million rubles from the bank for "personal goals". In spring 2007, he bought shares of the bank at 8.9 million rubles.

Source: [url]www.rospres.com[/url] on 11/03/2010

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