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Chichvarkin does not believe in accidents


Last Saturday 60-year-old Lyudmila Chichvarkina, mother of former co-owner of “Euroset” Evgeny Chichvarkin was found dead in her apartment in Moscow. At the moment the law enforcement agencies believe that it was an accident: woman fell, hit her head against the edge of the table and died from injuries and blood loss. Pre-investigation check has been started. Meanwhile, Chichvarkin, living in London and put to an international wanted list by Russia, said yesterday he did not believe "in the version of non-violent death of my mother - it looks incredible."

As explained by the metropolitan law enforcement an agency, the body of Ludmila Chichvarkina was found by her maid Anarhon Shaynurova (Mrs. Chichvarkina divorced her husband two years ago and lived alone). On April, 3 at about half past six in the evening, Mrs. Shaynurova came to the apartment Ms Chichvarkin in the house N 95 on Leninsky Prospekt. No one answered when she rang at the door, and then the woman opened the door with her own key. Going into the apartment, she saw the landlady lying in a puddle of blood on the floor in a room. The room was covered with blood, but also a kitchen and hallway. The woman called an ambulance; doctors assumed that she had died about four hours before their arrival due to traumatic brain injury and large blood loss.

As they have repeatedly reported, the RF Prosecutor General's office is seeking for the extradition of Mr. Chichvarkin from Great Britain on charges of involvement in the kidnapping of the freight forwarder of “Euroset” Andrei Vlaskin in 2003 and extortion from him a large sum. In the frameworks of that case vice-president on security of “Euroset” Boris Levin was arrested, as well as several of his subordinates from the security company, and a former officer of the Directorate of Internal Affairs of the Southern District of Moscow. In December 2008, Chichvarkin went to England, and then he was put on the international wanted list, and the Basmanny court in absentia arrested him in Moscow. Therefore, in the case of arrival in Moscow Evgeny Chichvarkin will be immediately taken into custody.

On September 7, 2009 the Magistrates' Court of Westminster arrested Mr. Chichvarkin, and then released him on bail of $ 100 thousand until the request of RF Prosecutor General for his extradition is considered, which is scheduled for August 2010.

In the Moscow department of the Investigation Committee of RF they said that there was pre-investigation check into the death of Ludmilla Chichvarkina conducted. "According to its results the decision will taken whether criminal proceedings are initiated or dismissed" - Sergei Marchenko, spokesman of the Directorate declared

Source: Kommersant »№ 58 / P (4358) on 05/04/2010

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