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Chichvarkin appealed to Medvedev for the protection against the "werewolves in epaulets" and called...


Ex-owner of Euroset Chichvarkin posted on his blog a video message to President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, in which he asked him to save the vice-president of Euroset, Boris Levin of "werewolves in epaulets" against the Ministry of Internal Affairs, RBC reports.

According to Chichvarkin, Levin, who is now detained in jail, recently was transferred to the isolation ward; however, he had hepatitis revealed and his stay in the isolation ward can be fatal, as it happened in the case of the lawyer of Hermitage Capital Fund, Sergey Magnitsky.

"Dear Dmitry Anatolyevich! Russia's public is waiting for your decisive actions to burn the corruption of law enforcement services, and the case is one of the indicators. <...> The Gang has initiated the search in the cell, where a SIM-card was found, not belong to him (Boris Levin - Note of ed.); as a result, he was placed in a solitary confinement, there a disease of the spine was deteriorated sharply, after which he spent a month in the prison hospital, where doctors discovered hepatitis that he had gained in prison, but reported about that in two months only. I am asking you to prevent this crime," Chichvarkin said.

As Chichvarkin explained, the "gang" is the MIA officials, who had committed several serious crimes, while Levin and his staff had nothing to do with those charges against them. According to the businessman, they have been held hostage for two years, he is being extorted the money from the sale of Euroset, and many other companies are getting forced by the "fascist methods".

He called the names of "werewolves in epaulets": those were "an observer" of Euroset Lt. Col. Dmitry Osvaldo, General Konstantin Machabeli and General Boris Miroshnikov, as well as Morozov, Pimenov, Kniazev, Gryaznov, Groshev, Filippov, Yukhimenko, Musayev, Borisov, Kitaev. .

As Chichvarkin said, these people were responsible for several deaths and many millions of robberies in Russian companies. "I contend that in 2005, this gang seized at least 1.5 trillion rubles from the seven retailers of various goods, which were subsequently stolen from the warehouses of RFFI under the forged documents. The State has got not more than 3% of the value," the businessman said. According to him, in 2006 this unit organized the raid seizure of Motorola phones lot at $ 20 million: "They stole the lot of $ 1 million only, and due to open actions of Boris Levin and the subsequent intervention of top officials the rest was returned", the businessman noted.

Chichvarkin listed other crimes of this group, as the magazine "Snob"quotes:

"I accuse the gang of the death of Head of Motorola in Russia Andrey Kozlov, who had a heart attack after questioning and intimidation.

I blame the gang for the death of my assistant's mother, Nataliya Ikonnikova, who had been pressured by the fascist methods.

I accuse this gang of bringing the employee of Euroset, Yuri Rogov to suicide attempt.

I accuse the gang of the defeat of my close friends' apartment who had been keeping my things after my departure.

I accuse the gang of attacking Assistant Ekaterina Kurashova on the date of my tax return.

I accuse the gang of stealing laptop of my partner's assistant and of stealing of laptop of Lawyer Faizulin.

I accuse this band of constant robberies and extortion, of terrifying hundreds of key employees of Euroset and many other companies.

I accuse the gang of a raid seize of Euroset on September 2, 2008, which goal was to takeover the company or at least to decrease its cost to zero.

I accuse this band of interrogating the arrested members of Euroset without lawyers, of intimidation and even bribery. Recently Katorgin's transaction with the law bodies was carried out under pressure, but the gang as usually did not fulfill its part of the transaction and did not set him free in exchange for libel».

"I contend that Vlaskin and Smurgin (according to the official investigation, they are the victims of Levin and his staff — Editor's note), those actively protected by the law enforcement agencies - are the thieves. The criminal case materials are proving it, " the businessman said in his video.

Let us recall that according to the final version of the investigation, in 2003, Vice President of Euroset Boris Levin and the Company's security officers, including Katorgin, suspected the forwarder of the Company - Andrey Vlaskin - of stealing a large consignment of mobile phones. They began looking for him with the assistance of Internal Affairs Directorate of Southern District of Moscow. As noted by the investigators, those actions had been carried out with the knowledge and the benefit of the head of Euroset - Chichvarkin.

Levin and his staff beat another freight forwarder of the Company - Dmitry Smurgin - and forced him to write a statement against Vlaskin to the police. In the district police department initiated a criminal case and declared the freight forwarder wanted . Police found Vlaskin in Tambov and transferred him to the Company's employees.

Afterwards Vlaskin was held in several rented apartments, beaten and extorted 20 million rubles. According to the investigation, both forwarders were taken over the money and other personal belongings. According to prosecutors, in that case Vlaskin did not steal any phones.

Levin and his staff are under arrest. Chichvarkin, being put on the international wanted list, is in the UK. Euroset was sold, it was acquired by businessman Alexander Mamut.

Source: www.newsru.com on 05/11/2010

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