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God Nisanov in the "Shakro case"

As a "thief in law" to the billionaire with the project went

rucriminal.info continues a series of articles about “high-profile” names that appear in a bribe case for employees of the TFR for releasing Andrei Kochuykov’s “authority” (Italian) - Zahar Kalashov’s (thief in law) closest associate (Shakro Young). In this publication we will talk about billionaire God Nisanov. He was not seen in direct contacts with the mafia and corrupt employees of the TFR, but the “thief in law” and his assistants were actively discussing a joint project with the billionaire. It was about control over the criminal situation and shadow flows in the largest wholesale market of Food City, owned by Nisanov and his partners. And the parties found mutual understanding, but the full implementation of the project was prevented by the arrest of Kalashov. The scandalousness of this situation is due to the fact that the recent successes of the Year of Nisanov are connected with his business partner, classmate Vladimir Putin in the Leningrad Law Institute, Ilgam Ragimov.

According to the source rucriminal.info in power structures, simultaneously with attempts to free his friend Kochuykov, Zakhar Kalashov also actively conducted his mafia activity, which was recorded by operatives. In particular, they learned that Shakro decided to take control of the criminal situation and the shadow streams at Food City. The setting for this was extremely comfortable. Azerbaijani traders in the market were under the control of “thieves in law” Vagif Suleymanov and Rovshan Janiyev. However, the first one was a passing figure, and the second was holed up in Turkey for a long time and Kalashov did not perceive him as an insurmountable barrier. In turn, the Tajik diaspora of Food City was controlled by the “authority” of Khoja Jabbor, behind which, in turn, was one of the guards of the Year of Nisanov. Jabbor Shakro did not take seriously at all. Gathering the inner circle, Kalashov discussed that for the successful implementation of the plan it is necessary to enlist the personal support of the Year of Nisanov. Moreover, the “thief in law” was sure that the billionaire would not refuse a tempting offer and he would be interested in having “Food City” criminal unity of command and fewer “fights” and abductions. The only question that arose was which character, whom Nisanov trusted, could approach him with this topic. The choice of person for the negotiations was quite surprising. According to the source rucriminal.info, the “thieves in law” dwelt on the candidacy of the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Berl Lazar, with whom, as it turned out, some of them are personally acquainted. In turn, Berl Lazar was on good terms with Nisanov.

Negotiations, apparently, were successful. At least, in the summer of 2016, Shakro, according to operational information, began to select his deputies at Food City. Prevented the project arrest Zakhar Kalashchov.

rucriminal.info already described in detail how the Year of Nisanov organized a joint business with the “thief in law” Vagif Suleymanov, who had previously been a member of the Aslan Usoyan clan (Ded Hasan). When Nisanov, together with his eternal partner Zarah Iliev, created the Food City agro-cluster, they had a problem with wholesalers. They preferred to work in the markets controlled by the Azerbaijani mafia, including the “thief in law” Rovshan Dzhaniyev (Rovshan Lyankoransky). First of all, the merchants were afraid to change their former points, because they knew that reprisals would inevitably follow from Rovshan.

According to sources, rucriminal.info in law enforcement agencies, as a result, Nisanov, through intermediaries, turned to Vagif Suleymanov for help, and he shared the problem with the “thief in law No. 1” Zakhari Kalashov (Shakro Molody). He gave the go-ahead to the "weaning" of merchants from Rovshan and to relocate them to Food City. Vagif, “lawyer” Rashad Ismailov (Rashad) and Dzhambulat Shamil-oglu were engaged in all organizational work. The latter held in his hands all the “strings” from the green trade in the Moscow region, literally every bunch of dill or parsley passed through his hands, and he had a great influence on the merchants. As a result, this trinity not only put pressure on the wholesalers with its “prestige”, but also referred to the decision of Shakro Molodoy, whose weight in the criminal world, was significantly greater than that of Rovshan. And the merchants in orderly rows drew from Rovshan's points in Food City of the Year of Nisanov. It is clear that in return, part of the profit began to settle in the pockets of the “thieves in law” who participated in the resettlement. Dzhaniev did not dare to fight against the “legalists”, but Dzhambulat Shamil-ogly was shot dead by killers in Moscow. Militants of Rovshan began to threaten both “immigrants” and also merchants who were going to move to “Food City”. It all ended with the fact that Janiyev (through a relative of Zaur) still “entered” Food City and began to control part of the Azerbaijani merchant, to receive tribute from them.

This did not last very long. In obshchak, of course, money from the criminal flows of Food City was received, but Kalashov decided to take personal control of these flows. But he was in jail. Two months after his arrest in Istanbul, Rovshan Janiyev was shot dead.

To be continued

Maxim Voevodin

вторник, 16 октября 2018 г.

Alexey Miller "covered up" Kokorin

The head of "Gazprom" has launched a program to otmazyvanyu footballer

Vladimir Putin presented the awards to the head of the department at the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Pak and the Director General of FSUE NAMI Sergey Gaisin. The president awarded Pak with the Second Degree Order for Services to the Fatherland of the second degree, and Gysin with the Order of Alexander Nevsky. Last Monday, Denis Pak and Sergey Gaysin were beaten up in a capital cafe. The attackers turned out to be two football players, Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev. Thus, the presidential administration responded to attempts to reduce the high-profile case "to silence", and then make it so that for the players of the national team everything ended with a slight fright. According to rucriminal.info, now the residents of Russia have a unique opportunity to observe whether the head of Gazprom Alexei Miller and Gazprom billions can defeat the law and public opinion. Mamaev and Kokorin will not get real and long terms, which means they won first.

As informed sources told rucriminal.info, “Zenith” is the favorite “brainchild” of Alexey Miller, and Kokorin is the favorite player of the head of Gazprom. This can be seen by watching the actions of Miller, when he happens to be in the team dressing room. Here is how the sports.ru edition describes it: “Alexey Miller comes down after the derby to the Zenith dressing room and hugs each player (tighter of all than Kokorin).” Kokorin - is the "face" of "Zenith" and, accordingly, "Gazprom". And when Miller's pet beat two unknown people at once, extremely unpleasant moments arose for the gas monopoly and its management. Especially, considering the kind of public outcry caused by the behavior of friends of revelers Mamayev and Kokorin.

The interlocutors of rucriminal.info say that Miller almost from the first minutes began to interfere in the situation. According to sources, Alexey Miller personally called the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev and asked him not to show particular severity towards Kokorin. To this the Minister forwarded the question to the presidential administration of the Russian Federation. In the Kremlin, Miller’s wishes were responded by the fact that the injured Pak and Gysin officials, who were working on an important project for the president, were submitted to the government officials.

But Miller was not used to giving up.

Now the media are receiving requests from PR agencies working with Gazprom, with proposals (on a paid basis) to cover the situation with football players only from the standpoint of their lawyers. The task for PR managers is to reduce the passions around Mamaev and Kokorin, so that in two months they “without noise and dust” could change the measure of restraint to non-incarcerated. And then the players would be given a lighter punishment, also not related to imprisonment. Wins in this situation, the law or the desire of Miller to see on the football field pet Kokorin, time will tell.

In the meantime, rucriminal.info will please readers with excerpts from the criminal case on the adventures of Kokorin:

“On October 8, 2018 at about 9 am A. Kokorin being intoxicated while being in a cafe "Coffeemania", located at ... .., with intent to gross violation of public order and a clear disrespect for society, using violence to citizens, unjustly, out of hooliganism motives, neglecting the interests of society and disturbing calm persons surrounding him, inflicted on a person who had not previously acted unlawful actions against a previously unfamiliar citizen Pak DK a blow with a chair to the head and left shoulders, and in the continuation of hooligan actions, realizing their highly arrogant and deliberate behavior, struck the right hand with a fist to the face area of ​​Pak DK and as a result of the above illegal actions, Kokorin A.A. caused Pak DK bodily injuries - closed craniocerebral injury, concussion of the brain .... "

To be continued

Zahar Belotserkovsky

воскресенье, 14 октября 2018 г.

"Sovcombank" caught on the withdrawal of capital

Bank shareholders "pumping" money to Cyprus

"Sovkombank" to withstand one of the most serious challenges during its existence. As rucriminal.info has learned, law enforcement agencies are interested in the results of the audit conducted by the Federal Tax Service of Russia No. 17 in Moscow. Tax inspectors documented the participation of Sovcombank in the withdrawal of funds from Russia to Cyprus.

Witnesses testified that Vasily Klyukin, one of the founding fathers of Sovcombank, was in charge of this work, who rewrote his stake in his brother Mikhail.

At the disposal of rucriminal.info were the inspection report of the Inspection of Federal Tax Service 17, which, according to the editors, is already a ready criminal case. So, turn to the documents. As seen from the case file, the Federal Tax Service of Russia No. 17 in the city of Moscow conducted a field tax audit of OOO Stroymonolit regarding the correctness of the calculation and timeliness of paying taxes and fees, insurance premiums for the period from 01/01/2010 to 12/31/2012. According to the results of the audit, the Act of the on-site tax audit No. 20-25 / 2-761 was drawn up, in which numerous cases of the withdrawal of capital from Russia through Sovcombank were recorded.

In due course we will tell about all these shadow schemes, while we will stop on one example fixed by tax inspectors. Stroymonolit had a partner, Stroygeninvest LLC, which was transferred hundreds of millions of rubles under various contracts.

An analysis was made of the movement of 200 million rubles, which Stroymonolit transferred to Stroygeninvest. These funds are transferred by Stroygeninvest LLC to:

- Moscow branch of LLC IKB Sovcombank in the amount of 150,000,000 rubles. for issuing bills of exchange;

- OOO StroyMontazh with the purpose of payments "For the supplied construction materials"

- LLC Stroyteks with the purpose of payment "For construction and installation work under the contract."

The Inspection of the Federal Tax Service requested information about Sovcombank about the persons who presented bills of exchange to Stroygeninvest acquired by LLC Stroygeninvest. LLC IKB Sovcombank presented contracts concluded with LLC Leasing Company Soglasie. These promissory notes were presented for early redemption of LLC “Leasing Company Consent” on the basis of applications for redemption.

According to the information from the Incorporation, LLC “Leasing Company Consent” was registered on 09.02.2005 and liquidated by the decision of the founders on 09.11.2011. The founder of LLC Leasing Company Soglasie in 2010-2012 was LLC IKB Sovcombank, which is an issuer of bills of exchange. The founders and managers of LLC “Leasing Company Consent”, who presented for redemption the promissory notes of LLC IKB Sovcombank, acquired by LLC Stroygeninvest for funds received from Stroymonolit are Zvyagin A.I. and Zhukov E.E.

Based on the testimony of E.E. Zhukov, who is at the disposal of rucriminal.info, who was the head of Consent's Leasing Company LLC, it was established that the head and founder do not have minimal information about the financial and economic activities of the organization, which indicates its rating as a head organizations.

As a result of the interrogation Zvyagina A.I. it was established that at present the witness is working as a medical assistant at the ambulance station “MBUZ Mytishchinskaya station of emergency medical care”. Regarding the construction work at the site, the witness reported that he owns information about these works from Vasily Vasilyevich Klyukin, who offered to take the position of the general director of the Consent Leasing Company LLC nominally, without actually managing the organization’s activities. Vasily Klyukin is the founder and owner of a large Sovcombank package, which then decided to move to Monaco and build a career as a card player. In this regard, he rewrote his stake in the bank to his brother Michael.

Thus, LLC “Leasing Company Consent” was used for processing transactions without the actual participation of the head of the organization, that is, other persons acted on behalf of the said organization.

In addition, the Inspectorate of Tax Inspection during the audit established that the funds from OOO LC LC Soglasie were transferred: from December 17, 2010 to December 27, 2010 under a loan agreement and to pay off bills of exchange in the amount of 91,517,256 rubles. addressed to SK Arka Insurance LLC, were subsequently withdrawn from the Russian Federation - transferred to SovCo Capital Partner BiV Company (Netherlands) from December 17, 2010 to December 27, 2010 under a loan agreement in the amount of 82,563,863 rubles.

SovCo Capital Partner BV is a company that is 100 percent owned by Sovcombank and the bank’s shareholders are already hiding behind it.

From 12/20/2010 to 12/23/2010 under a securities purchase agreement in the amount of 58,600,000 rubles. addressed to Blokstroytorg LLC, with the latest transfer of the latest currency by order to the offshore organization - QUERSKO LIMITED AGIOS (Cyprus).

As a result, the tax inspectorate, in the documents published by rucriminal.info, comes to an unequivocal conclusion - thus, as a result of the successive conclusion of formal transactions, funds in the amount of 150,000,000 rubles. withdrawn to the accounts of foreign companies, including - in the offshore zone - the Republic of Cyprus.

“The interdependence and consistency of the actions of the parties to the transactions allowed the creation of a formal document flow .., in order to withdraw funds to the accounts of non-residents of the Russian Federation,” they say in the IFTS. A "core" of this mechanism for the withdrawal of capital was "Sovcombank."

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov